Attract Employers with Your Social Media Page

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Looking at the current market trends it is seen that most of the global potential employers are keen to know your company’s profile on facebook and other related social media websites like Twitter and even YouTube. The real reason behind this trend is that it reflects the real side of the company and that is perhaps the most important thing any company looks for before hiring any kind of services. Even if you try to make up on these social Marketing Heaven media website the real aspect of the company or the individual is revealed in some way or the other.


In a recent study that was conducted by the Society of applied social psychology indicated that there are many companies in the market that hire employees in bulk only to come across the best suitable candidate later. These facebook pages give a hint to the candidate on whether they are eligible for the company or not and even allow them to see their future prospect in the company.

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Apart from the above reasons these social media pages also add to the potential of the company as these companies also promote their services and many other company related information. Most of the information is imparted with the help of the status updates, pictures and conversations. Apart from the above given factors these pages also reflect the emotional, academic and situation handling ability of the company. Most of the people hardly spend few minutes to check a company’s profile on any social media site thus the content must be crisp and clear.

Along with the report that was submitted by the society an experiment was conducted on more than 1000 employers for over a year and shockingly only 100 of them reverted back on the basis of what they saw on the facebook profile of the company and profiles on other social networking sites like twitter.

There are certain points that must be avoided on the social media page of your company such as emotional updates or posts that speak about consumption of alcohol, smoking or any kind of abusive things. These qualities are a setback and try to avoid them.

Nowadays all these factors are also taken care of by academic institutions who want to take a closer look at the behavior of their students and also assess their potential. It is also said that this is an effective technique to check the transcripts during the application process.

But before checking through anyone’s social media page make sure you keep in mind the legal aspect and make sure that you don’t discriminate any individual’s profile. Make sure to be careful of what to write and what you post on social media. And if you want to avoid employers from accessing your page one social media websites then make them accessible only to your friends.

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