Check Website Page Speed And Load Time with Google

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With the recent need of increasing website page speed and load time, Google is considering adding web page speed as a mechanism in ranking search engines. Basically, it will reach a time when if you site takes more time to load; Google will be forced to rank it lower than usual. The aim of Google in making sure that all websites search engines have a quick loading time is to ensure that web users get results as fast as possible when they search engine keywords. As a webmaster, you will not want to imagine how bothered a web user gets when he or she requests your site and it takes ages to load.

Since Google goals is definite, then it has introduced a tool which has the responsibility of checking website page speed and load time. Google webmasters tools can also help you finding the load time of your website.

The application is called, page speed, and it is the one that does the evaluation of the web pages performance and then reports on the ways to enhance the load time on such web pages. In terms of efficiency, your site is supposed to load for a maximum of thirty seconds when using a modem and less than a couple of seconds when using high speed internet connection.

There are some features that most webmasters need to eliminate from their sites, since what they do is only to slow down the load rate of their websites.

For instance, features such as flash, website design, JavaScript and video have a significant effect of slowing page speed of your site. To improve the load time of your site I will suggest that you create a CSS menu, by so doing the search engine will be able to spider the links for you. In addition, using external files will reduce code mess on your site and improve the speed.

Moreover, you need to validate your html code so as Google W3CHTML Validation service can check and correct all your html problems, this way you will be avoiding low speeds due to html errors.

On further account, you will have to optimize all your images by using graphics software. An example of graphic software is Photoshop which can help you to minimize the file size of your images. Consider having your site on a fast server, one which has unlimited space and gives you a 99% uptime and has consistent backup.

On top of this, you should always watch out for web hosting on your current server, this may have a significant effect on your site. Perl Watson writes on behalf of business blog

 Check Website Page Speed And Load Time with Google


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 Check Website Page Speed And Load Time with Google

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