Choosing the Right Apple Laptop for You

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Thanks to the reputation and many lifelong fans which the brand has managed to attract, the name Apple is synonymous with quality, ease of use and long lasting appeal.

Therefore, when considering a new laptop, many users flock straight to the Apple laptops range. After deciding that an Apple is the right product for them though many get a little lost. The Apple laptops range can seem a little confusing simply because there are so many options and for many users the benefits to them can get lost in a sea of techno-babble and praise.

Therefore, for the user considering a laptop from Apple, the following is intended as an outline into the brand and the available options.

The Macbook 

This is the cheaper and most accessible of the Apple laptops range. Often found in schools, colleges and libraries where its reasonable price and ease of use make it strong candidates for universal use, the Macbook is sometimes seen as a good first rung on the Apple ladder. Giving users access to the Apple features but not blinding them with an abundance of high-end features, the Macbook offers a 7 hour battery, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, LED backlit display and a light-weight which makes it ideal for portability.

 Choosing the Right Apple Laptop for You

The Macbook Pro

As the next step up, the Pro is light, slick and still very portable. Handily coated in aluminium to add to its external protection, the Pro is available in three sizes, 13, 15 and 17 inch and gives users all of the benefits of the Macbook but with additional RAM, a graphic processor chip, a glass track pad and a built-in i-sight camera.

As a higher end version of the Macbook, this is the option from the Apple laptops range which is often favoured by those with a more intense workload or gamers who want access to editing technology.

The Macbook Air

Debuting to praise from critics and craze from the Apple faithful, the Macbook Air is the most advanced of the three available laptops. Made completely from aluminium and giving users all the benefit of tough, strong protection for their hard drive, the Air has an Intel Core Duo Processor and a built in camera despite being a good 3 pounds lighter than its’ predecessors.  Ideal for the professional user who requires long battery power, additional memory capacity but wants a light and portable machine, the Air has a huge list of fans.


Of course, the best way of finding the best Apple laptop for you is to try all of the available models, read as many reviews as possible and find a machine which matches your requirements as neatly as possible. The benefit of having three available models, together with the various additional software which is available is that whatever you need a laptop to do, and however long you need it to perform for, there is likely to be an Apple laptop to suit you and your individual requirements.

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