E-cigs: Cartridge Refill and Longevity

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It’s everywhere! The electronic cigarette is becoming more and more popular and cigarette companies are already starting to feel threatened by this modern gadget. Electronic cigarettes are now available at shops and malls, and can also be found online, as is the case with Blu cigs. E-Cigs work their magic because they are composed of several important parts, one of them being the cartridge.

How much does a cartridge last?

The life of a cartridge depends on the e-cig model. The smaller gadgets usually last as much as 2 to 4 cigarettes worth of puffs. Also, the longevity of the cartridge depends on how many puffs it takes for one to finish a normal cigarette. Some smokers tend to smoke fast and finish one cigarette from 3 puffs. When it comes to bigger models, such as cigar, pen style and even pipe cartridges, these tend to last more around 3 to 6 cigarettes worth of puffs.

How can one refill a cartridge

When it comes to refilling, the process is quite easy so anyone can do it. The cartridge needs to be refilled with e-liquid in order for the smoke to come out and for the e-cig to properly work. Without the e-liquid, the cigarette cannot function. The cartridges can be topped off with e-liquid by simply dripping the liquid on the filter material from inside the cartridge. Make it so that you can easily drip the e-liquid inside. If, by mistake, you fill it too much, the liquid will make a small pool on the top. Wiping it away is the best solution.

Some people use a syringe to refill their cartridges. This makes the procedure even easier. Spilling is easily controlled this way. As a plus, using a cigarette is also more convenient because it allows you to fill the cartridge from bottom to top. 20 Gauge needles are usually the perfect ones for the procedure. For safety reasons, it might be a good idea to blunt the needle a bit. The refill is simply done by raising the needle in order to spread the e-liquid fully through the filler material.

Choosing the best way to refill the cartridge is easy and takes little time. Both the refilling of the e-cigs cartridge as well as cleaning the atomizer are part and parcel of the electronic cigarette experience. In order to master the skill, take your time to practice away at your vaping and refilling.

 E cigs: Cartridge Refill and Longevity


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