Easy Steps to Follow for Successful iOS Game Development

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Mobile game development has exploded into a fascinating industry, especially for the small scale studios and independent developers. Because of the increasing popularity of Apple’s products, iOS games are earning more attention from the game lovers all over the world. Developers are creating plethora of games every day for different Apple devices, like iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. and the number is gearing up steadily since last few years.

Any developer can start with developing iOS games with proper guidance and information about target audience. iOS game development is interesting but at the same time challenging for it should be unique yet entertaining. Moreover, the cost for iPhone game development is minimum, which makes it an easy option to start career in game development. However, the iPhone game developer should have appropriate skill and approach, as follows:

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Originality of idea:

Before developing the iOS game, it is crucial to ensure that no similar game exists in the market. The idea for developing game should be unique and original, to attract maximum number of audience.

Avoiding png loading function from Apple’s GLSprite Demo:

This is recommended for new developers for iPhone or iPad game development, since it occupies more memory and cache images.

Cropping sprites:

It is advised to practice accurately how to crop sprites while designing it and drawing, since PowerVR SGX is somewhat slow at mixing.

Using right tools:

The easiest option for an inexperienced iOS game developer is to develop game from ‘drag and drop’ game creation library, like GameSalad, which is specific for iPhone game development. Otherwise, he can write game in Flash, and convert it to run on iOS platform, since writing games in Flash is much easier than doing the same in Objective C.

Learning from free tutorials:

Online tutorials provide lot of information about a particular programming, especially if it is as challenging as developing iOS games in Objective C.

Concentrating on iPhone specific features:

It is a good practice to think about iPhone’s unique features that can be used to play the whole or part of the game to be developed. Till today, the most successful games are those, which have been designed specifically for playing on the iPhones only.

Development without incorporating any third party apps:

Apple doesn’t allow developers to utilise or integrate other apps for iOS apps development. Developer should be aware about this limitation while developing iOS games.

Creating challenging games:

Days are gone when easy games were popular. Like any other game, iOS games should also incorporate different levels of difficulty, starting from easy ones to gradually increasing the adversity. It is also important to make the players feel a sense of fairness and progression and providing the opportunity to earn rewards with higher score.

Sound and video effect:

The game should be developed in a smart way and the background sound should not annoy the players. There are many free sound-editing programs available in market that can be used for iOS game development. Also, it is wise to include a demo video to explain how to play the game and understand other details of it.

No matter how successfully a game is developed, it can face utter failure if the marketing is not done properly. It is also important to get honest feedback from the players, so that the game can be modified for easier navigation and better entertainment. iOS game developers should always remain updated about latest trends in the market to outwit the closest competitors.

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