How to market your website on a tight budget

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budget1 300x199 How to market your website on a tight budgetThere are many obstacles you will face as a business owner. However, no obstacle is too big for you and your dreams to conquer. One common obstacle is dealing with a budget. Chances are, as a new business owner, you are on a very tight budget. This can limit the amount you are able to put toward advertising, an integral part of owning a business. Without advertising you are limited to the amount of new and potential clients you reach.

There are many different inexpensive, and sometimes free, methods of marketing your business. One of the largest costs to your company will be your time and effort. Otherwise there are simple, cost-effective methods to successfully market and advertise your business.


Find a local authority figure such as a politician, favorite teacher, successful business person or radio personality to help promote your business. This tactic adds a more human-like feel to your business. Include a photo of the person and a testimonial in all of your advertising methods. To help keep the costs of their services down, offer to send them a gift or give free services as a thank you for their endorsement.

Interactive Brand

Create an interactive brand that shows your customers you care about their needs. Set yourself up with an account on a social media networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. Use these accounts to communicate and engage with each and every one of your followers.

Create a LinkedIn and/or Google+ group. This will give you access to free discussions about your business and other activities in the professional world. This is a great way not only to promote your business, but also to network with other local businesses.


Make yourself available to consumers when they need you. Be prepared to answer questions via online networking sites through email or simply by answering the phone when it rings. This shows customers you truly care about their needs and are available to meet those needs when necessary.


Set up a website where your customers can place orders for products and services. Create links to additional pages which will include company information, contact details, your bio, shopping pages and a blog about your industry. Make your website easy to navigate and clutter free. Do not overwhelm the consumer with a lot of graphics and unnecessary links.


Put the power of SEO (search engine optimization) to work for your website. This tactic uses commonly searched keywords through search engines. Select keywords that are commonly used when searching for the products and services offered by your business. A great web design can make a huge different in traffic and SEO results.

Be visual

Connect company-centered photographs on your Twitter and Facebook posts. Set up a marketing video for your company and post it on YouTube. This will give your customers a better feel for your brand while becoming more confident in the services and products you offer.

The addition of multiple social media sites, online advertising and marketing has become more cost effective for small business owners. Do your research and find out which methods work best for your business needs. No matter how many suggested tactis you choose to utilize, they all are cost-effective methods to marketing your business.

 How to market your website on a tight budget


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 How to market your website on a tight budget

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