How to Protect Yourself From Unwanted Calls

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Have you ever picked up your telephone and been shocked by what you heard from the other end of the line? Do you continually receive malicious or harassing calls or calls from marketers who are trying to sell you a time share in a tropical location? Taking some steps to protect yourself from these unwanted calls can provide you with peace of mind and confidence when your telephone does ring. You can always resort to changing your telephone number, but before you use that method, you should try some other ways to prevent unwanted calls from interrupting your privacy. Let’s look at some tips for keeping unwanted calls from entering your home.

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Caller ID

You can get a caller display that lets you know whom the call is coming from. A visual display will show you the number of the person calling, and if you don’t recognise the number, you can just ignore the call. The company that provides your telephone service can advise you about this method of protection.

Caller Return System

Use the caller return system so that you can find out the last person who called your number. Just dial 1471 so that you can learn the identity of the last call. Sometimes, by dialling 141 before they make the call, someone who is harassing you can block you from learning their number, but your phone company can still trace the call for you.

Call Blocker

Use a device that works in conjunction with your telephone and software to effectively block numbers that you enter into a blocked call list. This is an excellent way to keep unsolicited calls from bothering or scaring you.

Call Rejection Scheme

Use the anonymous call rejection scheme offered by your telephone company to keep blocked numbers from getting through with a screening process. Callers will hear that you are not accepting blocked calls, and your telephone won’t even ring.

Pay Attention

Take notes of when you receive unsolicited calls so that you can report disturbing calls to the local police. Be sure to note any background noises that you can determine so that you’ll be helpful to the police when they begin their investigation.

Be Careful With Your Personal Information

Protect your personal information wherever you go and whenever you shop. If you use online merchants, make sure that they have a privacy policy that assures you that your private information won’t be sold to a third party. Also, never give your telephone number to strangers so that your security and safety are protected at all times.

There are many websites that you can visit to find out innovative and effective methods of protecting yourself from unwanted calls. Be sure to do your research and use a simple but efficient way that you’ll feel comfortable using. Having peace of mind in your home and not being bothered by unsolicited telephone calls in the middle of the night is worth whatever system you deem appropriate for your needs. Maintaining control of the calls that you accept will help you to be safe and secure in your own home.


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