How you can get inspired to come up with stunning typography ideas for a web design

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w b How you can get inspired to come up with stunning typography ideas for a web design

Once a visitor has been blown away by the website design, the successive element of the website that is then focussed on is the content or the matter that contains text. Therefore, it goes without saying that while you focus on the top builder that you use for your website, you should also take out some time to understand how typography works and how it can make a massive impact on the usability of your website. Ideally, using existing typography seems easy as there are certain websites that offer you royalty free content that can be used for commercial purposes. However, this is essentially the biggest limitation or roadblock of being a designer. You must expand your horizons and look for greater challenges and one way to do this is by creating your own typography for a web design. While this may seem exceedingly impossible it is much easier when you have some reliable sources of information that can push you in the right direction. Given below are some excellent tips and tricks that will leave you thoroughly inspired and your mind racing with a glut of new typography ideas.

1.)   Go back in time:

The best way to understand how fonts function and how you can create alluring ones of your own is to first familiarize yourself with how the fonts came into existence in the first place. Skip using the internet or any other form of digitized information and instead, read a good amount of books on the subject from the local library. By doing this, you will come across certain concepts that you did not even know existed. Besides, the history of these fonts and the various processes that were implemented is likely to enlighten you in ways that you did not know was possible. Therefore, reading extensively on the olden ways of creation of font and the different concepts that were used can be the first and the most vital source of inspiration for you.

2.)   Look closely at just one aspect:

Usually, you may be in the habit of examining a certain font type by looking at words and a combination of various letters. This is where you are likely to make an error. Ideally, it is not the entire word but a single alphabet that you should direct all your energies towards. When you focus on one single letter at a time, you can understand the structure and how the font works far more easily. You can then think of altering a particular aspect relating to the structure so as to come up with your own font type. You may not realize this but it is the quickest and one of the healthiest ways to come up with exciting typography ideas that can go seemingly well with your website that you wish to design using a top builder.

3.)   Design what people want to see:

Instead of designing a font that you feel is fit for a website, focus on what the people in general would want to see. It is the people after all, who will be relying on a website and what they prefer to see should be of prime importance. Therefore, closely studying the needs of the market by way of surveys and comprehensive questions can work wonders in helping you coming up with interesting typography ideas. The best thing about using people’s opinions is the fact that your thoughts will be instantly aligned as you can then lock in on one theme for designing the font instead of being flustered with several ones.

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Alexander Truman is a web designer and swears by a top builder to build premade themes for customers. He is known to come up with interesting responsive web design ideas and is currently working on creating inventive parallax scrolling themes.


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