Instagram Trends You Should Avoid

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Instagram is one of those sites that managed to hit it big. They managed to provide the online community with a way to share the images they take straight from their devices. This is both a good and a bad thing for some, as we now have people taking pictures of just about anything and uploading them to Instagram, hoping that people will notice things that everyone else really don’t care about. Here are some trends that some users do with Instagram that you should avoid at all costs. Your followers will appreciate you for it.

Photos of your food

Taking pictures of the food you are about to eat is good, especially when it is something you might not a get a chance to eat in a while, like from a nice restaurant. The problem in this trend lies in the fact that the lighting of the restaurant can mess with the picture you are taking, leaving other users a mystery to solve. If you can get some lighting on it, then there’s really no problem, but at the very least, take a picture before actually eating it. No one wants to see a messy plate and what perhaps was left of the nice dinner you had. If you are unable to take a picture before it’s time to eat, forget the picture altogether.

Self-photos with mirror assistants

Another problematic trend in Instagram, where you have someone taking pictures of themselves in front of a mirror wearing their newest clothes that they think they look great in. While every now and then it’s not so bad, the idea of it all gives the off the feeling that the person is a rather arrogant individual who loves him or herself a little too much, especially when that person’s account is filled with similar self-pictures.

Non-stop updates

It’s understandable that those who love using Instagram experience some kind of high as they upload pictures online. However, it is not an excuse to flood all your followers’ timelines with updates that have a time gap of 5 minutes or less. It’s understandable that they want to tell their followers how they are doing; it is crossing the line when that person uploaded countless pictures that practically showed off his or her entire 2 hour outing in the mall or some such. Responsibly using Instagram also means knowing when to not use it.

Non-stop pet pictures

Pictures of your pet wearing clothes or sporting a crazy hairstyle are cute. However, it stops being cute and starts being annoying and slightly disturbing when all your recent updates are nothing except your pet in cute clothes or hairstyles. Pets are living creatures, not dress up dolls; treat your pets as you would a living being and do not subject them to such things. Pet pictures aren’t so bad if something great happens and you want to include your pet in the moment, but when you are showing off pictures of what others could describe as borderline torture for the poor thing, you might want to reevaluate your choice of hobbies.

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 Instagram Trends You Should Avoid


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 Instagram Trends You Should Avoid

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