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In day to day world there are Businesses oncoming in many forms ranging in size like small, medium etc., depending upon the field or the Line of Business, there can be varieties of departments that will require support. The usage of technology has observed good transition in almost each and every lines of Business. All the manually performed works has been machinated for ex., Utilization of Databases for storing data instead of paper works.

Further to the usage of the technology it has good impact or sign on revenues generated by the business also. This is also the main reason why many businesses started to make use of technology in their business. Beyond all these the time is the important factor that pushes this technology incorporation into their business.

IT Support:

In any firm where they find to fit technology for their service, there needed some assistance from the technology experts. These are required now and then whenever technology users finds it difficult from their normal usage of the technology. These groups may or may not be a part of the firm depending upon the usage of the technological utilities. For firms whose major business is for export/import they will require very less use of this technology like storing inventories, Invoices, Vouchers. At the other hand firms like consulting firms that does IT consultancy where they service their clients with Software with the requirements they had wanted.

Microsoft office – Tools:

There are several tools in Microsoft office like Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Outlook, and other applications. Microsoft word is documenting software otherwise known as word processor it was considered as the main program in Microsoft Office. The format of word files DOC is considered as universal standard. However DOCX is also used widely which is a new format based on XML. 

Microsoft Excel is software used for creating spreadsheets. Microsoft Outlook is software for e-mail communication providing e-mail client, address book, calendar and task manager. OneNote is an information gathering program and note making software for both Pc’s and Tablets. The notes can be shared with other users Online. Microsoft PowerPoint is software used for creating slide shows with text and images mostly used for presentation purpose. This is compatible with Windows and MAC OS. Several other tools are available as a collection or as single software. They have extended support to Windows and Mac platforms.

Microsoft Online Services:

Microsoft offers hosted services with software and service. They provide the ability to access the software online or as per the requirement. Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) is the first online service of Microsoft. Microsoft Office 365 was released followed by BPOS. Both BPOS and Office 365 are part of Cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is one where the business applications are stores somewhere in the Internet where you pay for only what you use. In Cloud computing the software version is always updated and accessible anywhere at any time. As an end user you can create your documents and files with the online hosted software and share it. based Cloud computing companies provide IT support for all the online services.

There are several companies providing support for several online services. Online support includes deployment, Maintenance, and security. There are several companies that provide being the centre place in the world providing the support. There are a number of companies in the world providing Support in several platforms like, Linux, UNIX, VM ware, Networking and Data and several others.


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