Latest Developments from BlackBerry

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The BlackBerry has been one of the most popular lines of smartphone and tablet ever since its first email pager was released in 1999. Those who are in charge of the company are continually seeking new directions that BlackBerry can take. Here is a description of some of the most recent developments from BlackBerry.

Powering Canadian mobile payments

Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian wireless company that first developed the BlackBerry tablet and smartphone, announced on October 22, 2012 that it had been selected by EnStream LP to manage credentials on wireless devices in the country. Specifically, they have set up their SEM (Secure Element Manager) solution to manage credentials on SIM cards that have been installed in mobile devices of all types, more securely. Andrew McLeod, the Managing Director of RIM, has stated that the service that will be delivered will ensure greater “speed, security and convenience in mobile, contactless payment.” He and others who work for RIM are hoping to streamline the process of mobile payment in addition to increasing the level of security.

A Nigerian enterprise

On October 24 of last year, Visafone and RIM launched their BlackBerry services in Nigeria—a country that, according to the International Monetary Fund, ranks as the one with the 142nd highest per capita GNP on a list of 195 countries. Three BlackBerry smartphones—the Curve 9310 and 9370 and the Bold 9930—are being launched there, making Visafone the first carrier to introduce phones of that line into any country on the African continent.

This development will surely mean a great deal for Nigeria—and perhaps, too, for the continent as a whole. Africa is, after all, still the least technologically developed continent on earth, and the partnership described above represents, in the words of Visafone chairman Jim Ovia, “a big step forward in Africa’s mobile history,” one which will hopefully connect people and information within the country and in other parts of the continent and the world. Already, Nigeria has more than 100 million active smartphone lines.


BlackBerry App World is continually creating new apps. As of now, some of the newest—all of which are free except where a price is indicated, and all of which are rated with five stars—are:

  • FitName—For the person looking for the ideal relationship, this app is designed to use a horoscope to “calculate” how compatible a given male and female are.
  • Police Scanner—shows the way police officers talk with each other. Costs 99¢. Restrictions on its use are in place in some countries.
  • The Clam Tresure—a game in which the player searches for a treasure buried deap in the ocean while braving all of its dangers.
  • Cocina Semana—devoted to the subject of gastronomy, including cooking tips and recipes
  • Dinero—Spanish for money; gives the owner daily information on the business world
  • Password Generator—create your password

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 Latest Developments from BlackBerry


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