My success story with SMS spy software

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Anyone with three kids and two jobs and totally relate with my disposition! Life isn’t easy on me and being a single parent is all what’s need to make it even more dramatic! Not a skeptic and suspicious by nature but sometimes you have to make the hard decisions. When life wouldn’t get any easy with my youngest son getting into drugs, I finally went ahead and got this SMS spy app. I won’t get too excited but hard times call for tough decisions!

sms spy 300x143 My success story with SMS spy softwareMy scenario – in short

Many people can relate to my story and therefore I do not have to do in much detail. I have two sons and a daughter and being a single parent, I had to take up jobs a day. It takes less time for kids to get frustrated then understanding the issue so I got a lot of complaints being late and not being there to monitor them much. Their teachers complained that they were cheating at tests and their grads significantly dropped. To top it all, I realized my son started abusing drugs. I took off to monitor him closely but that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t take off forever.

When nothing works, SMS spy app would!

While I was discussing the issue with my boss, he told me about the mobile spying software that can let parents track their kids via their cell phones. Since I had no other way to make things work, I gave mobile spy software a shot. The main reason for going for it was to spy their SMS so I can get to know what’s going on in their lives.

My experience with StealthGenie

I chose StealthGenie because I read quite many reviews that favored that spying app. I purchased the basic package for $8/ month since I wanted to test it first. I installed StealthGenie in their smartphones secretly at not and that was all the effort required of me.

Started out with SMS spying…

I got an account on StealthGenie website where I could remotely monitor their phone logs. StealthGenie recorded all the SMS from their phones and uploaded on the Web-based interface and I could read all their SMS, see the date and time stamps for each SMS and could also track the names and numbers of senders.

I figured out soon that mu son was contacting someone at his school to get the drugs though texting him. And my daughter was seeing some really messed up senior at her high school. I sensed that things were getting to get serious through the texts she sent and received from that guy. All that was enough give heads up. While I was successful enough to talk my girl out of that relationship, I had to get alerts on the drug dealer’s number so I’d know if and when he calls again. Meanwhile I got him admitted in a hospital where he’s being taken care of.

I sigh of relief – definitely!

I can’t say all my problems are gone but at least I know them and know how to deal with them Diagnosis of a disease is half the cure and StealthGenie has helped me doing just that! Heaving a sigh of relief, I recommend this SMS spy app to all worrying parents!

 My success story with SMS spy software
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