Scribblenauts Online: Awesome game

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  • Importance of the Scribblenauts Online game is enormous because it has become very popular over a period of time.
  • Puzzle games are more than enough in the market and after some time you might get bored with them.
  • The Scribblenauts is in a completely different league altogether because it has 50 levels and they are being continuously updated from the internet.


  • It is a different puzzle game which thrives on the creativity of the people. One level can be easily affected by solving the goal in an easy and hassle free manner.
  • It will take some time for you to figure out the intricate details about the application.
  • Unlike the other puzzle stuffs, all characters appear to be real and the whole scenario takes place in a near real time environment.
  • The primary character Maxwell wears a rooster and it is programmed to complete the specific tasks at each level.
  • By getting the cat off the roof or smashing down a piñata you can proceed to another level. There are simple tricks that could be used to accomplish the objectives without any problem.
  • How do you complete the task? Well! You can call any object with the help of the commands typed in the box.
  • It will literally bring up any of the tools such as the chain saw to cut off the tree.
  • In addition, one can call on the giant rat to move forward. May be flying dinosaurs are considered to be much better option in clearing the level.

Eye popping commands:

  • When you are playing Scribblenauts Online for the first time, you would be surprised to know that there are some funny commands that could be executed in graphic mode.
  • Developers of the puzzle have spent lot of time in creating the wonderful game with its amazing level of complexities.
  • You can spend lots of hours at a single level to know how the objects tend to affect the surrounding environment.
  • One can think of different things that are very useful or they are quite silly from the varying perspective of the game.
  • Visuals of the game are not very impressive because the graphics is cartoon oriented so that adults and children can both enjoy the game in an amazing manner.
  • Game is really fun to play with and you would not be tired at all.


  • The game has an inbuilt tutorial that will provide you enough information for playing.  After completing the learning process, you are ready to compete at the first level of the stage 1.
  • There are 5 worlds with ten levels each, so it will be quite challenging for the player to accomplish the task.
  • If the game is long and your Iphone has run out of battery time, you can shift to Ipad for playing the puzzle.
  • The game will start from the point you left it.  After capturing images of the puzzle, you can share it on social media websites with your friends.

Author Bio: Author is a gaming freak and writes blogs on the different aspects of puzzles called Scribblenauts Online.  People are quite impressed by the informative data available.

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