Security resources of computer system to protect against virus

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computer infection Security resources of computer system to protect against virus

About Computer Viruses:           

Computer virus is the type of software program which can be replicated when it gets executed. When this replication will increase many of the computer system area will be infected with virus where the data may be lost. Generally viruses are done some of the harmful action in infected area such as corrupting or deleting computer data, corrupt the hard disk, displaying more messages on user’s desktop screen, spamming the contacts, accessing of private information etc. The main characteristic of the virus is that it is self replicating system program which can be installed by itself without the user’s interface. Currently viruses are causing billions of dollars worth data damaging and economic damaging in the world wide due to corrupting data, increased maintenance costs, wasting of resources etc.

Security Resources:

Nearly 70 percent of students are using unique computer and internet connection these days for transportation, shopping, communication and for many other needs. There are many number of computer security resources available such as passwords, using firewalls, protect by antivirus software, Spyware, encryption, updating certificates for web browser, security patches etc. All the things that are taken to protect the online privacy will not having effect in local computer security. Even the people are using the encryption technique for entire network traffic the computer system will be affected by viruses and network attacks and it may cause data loss. Viruses can be easily created by using virus constructor and can spread over the world just through email or instant messages. For protecting the computer system everyone must have the special application that will take care of the computer data. Many security resources are there in the market to protect the computer system including spyware tools. Mainly antivirus software applications are widely used by all people to protect computer from virus.

Antivirus as a Security Resource:

Internet is highly infectious background. Now a day’s many computers have affected from virus. Antivirus software is very must and important security resource on computer which is having the internet connection. Many antivirus software patterns are matching algorithm that may not be effect on harmful viruses on your system. Best antivirus software which is written by professional will perform real time audit of file systems and active applications such as giving warning about new executable, monitoring the file size changes, etc. This method can ensure that the people will be warned about any unwanted changes in the computer system. Even unknown viruses can also be detected and deleted. There are many methods which antivirus software can follow to detect the malware viruses in the computer system such as signature based detection, heuristic based detection, and file emulation detection. The new viruses are created every day, so the signature based detection method requires the updated virus signature dictionary. Some sophisticated anti viruses are using this heuristics approach to identify the viruses. Many viruses are first created as a single virus which can then be spread as many viruses over internet because of many virus attackers. This detection system will find and remove single or multiple threats from computer system. Real time protection is automatic scanning and protection of antivirus software or anti spyware software’s.

Antivirus software is a security resource and it is designed to protect a computer from viruses. It provides the constant real time protection to the computer system. There are many antivirus software are available in the market such as avira, AVG, avast, Eset NOD 32,panda cloud, Roboscan internet security, Zone alarm etc. antivirus software’s are  not effective against viruses, even those computer system use non signature based methods which must detect new viruses. The main reason for this is that the virus developer tests their new viruses on the popular antivirus applications to make sure that the viruses are not detected before spreading them through the internet. Many files are corrupted or damages by computer viruses. Antivirus software’s remove the virus codes from the particular file during scanning of that file. But the antivirus software’s are not always restoring the files back to its normal state. In some situation the damages files can only be restored from backups and installed application that are damaged require reinstallation.


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