Setting Up Your Desk for Success

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Whether you are just starting your new job or simply making your workspace more efficient for the New Year, you should take some steps to address your desktop so that you can produce a higher quality of work in a timely fashion. You should know what items you should have on your desk, how they should be arranged, and how to use the space on your desktop as efficiently as you can. Let’s look at some ways to set up your desk for success in 2014.

 notepad 300x198 Setting Up Your Desk for Success



What Goes on Your Desk


To properly accomplish the work you have been assigned, you should have the following items on your desk:


  • An external monitor
  • A mouse and accompanying keyboard
  • A notepad of paper
  • Both a pen and a pencil
  • An inbox for all of your incoming documents
  • A desk lamp, especially if you need additional lighting to do your job well

You should strive to keep your desk as clean as possible so that you’ll have plenty of space to spread out your documents for proper attention.


How to Arrange Your Materials


The natural flow of work in most offices is from left to right, so be sure to put your inbox on the left of your desk. You should then place your telephone so that your available hand can take notes when you are speaking to supervisors or clients about the task at hand. The right side of your desk is open to your monitor, printer, and other equipment that you’ll be using daily. Try to keep photos and personal items to a minimum so that you’ll have free space for your folders and information.




Your Desktop Isn’t a Storage Area


Don’t use valuable desk space to store file folders or documents that you’ve been working with on any given day. Have a drawer that you can easily slip them into so that they’ll be ready for quick access tomorrow. All of your office supplies should be kept in a drawer away from your work area so that you won’t be cramped for space. Printer paper should be stored close to your printer but not on the corner of your desk; it will be very tempting to place things that you haven’t yet organised on your desktop for immediate access. Make the set-up that you arrange work for you, and if you find that something is amiss when you take your first telephone call, make some adjustments.


To find out more, click here for information about some of the tools that you can use in your filing cabinets, storage rooms, and drawers to make your office more efficient. Setting up your desk for success means taking the time to think about your job and how you want to tackle your daily tasks with the equipment that you have.


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