Snap Publishing Made Easy with These iPad Apps

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If you have an iPad, branding is much easier and exciting, especially for anyone involved in public relations. Lots of specialists and public relations consultants can reach tablet users by becoming content marketers and top notch publishers. This can be done through iPad apps allowing the publishing of all manner of things by producing readable and interactive digital content. Here are a number of apps you might want to consider when thinking about publishing.


Through an iPad you can blog with ease through this app in real-time. It is about five dollars, which is worth it, considering you have an app supporting different blogging platforms popular today, such as email blogging, Drupal, Blogger and WordPress. Through the app you can insert links, upload video and photos among many other things.

Press Jack

The app is very industrious and allows the user to collect lots of videos, web pages and RSS feed to create a personal digital magazine through automatic formatting. The apps also give visitors to your site a chance create a customized version of the digital magazine you have created helping in driving lots of traffic to your content. While this is not a free app, there is a free trial offer you can try. WordPress bloggers using this app might have a little spam problem, but it is flawless with any other blogging platform.


This app is about two dollars and very user-friendly. You can use it to create posters while using most of the eye-catching templates to present your camera images stylishly. It might be seen as a poster maker, but if you intend to share viral images on social media, this app is one you need to have.

iBooks Author

If you thought producing Apple eBooks is hard, you need to try this app. The entire process of creating one is a drag and drop exercise that is so easy anyone can do it. This is a free app you can use to change a word document into a colorful and brilliant e-single or ebook. The app can be used to craft multi-touch ebooks with interactive diagrams, image galleries and video among others.  You do not have to worry about the layout of the ebook since it will be suggested to you. Resizing the images, recommending sections and headers and other actions are some of its strengths. If you intend to create a newsletter and publish it, this is the app you need in your iPad.


If you are a public relations consultant, this is an iPad app you need to get. It is not yet available freely around, but to some leading web publishers only.  The app allows the user to transform his social media streams and RSS feeds into a wonderful digital magazine. Some of the brands that publish through Flipboard include All Things D, Bon Appetit and ABC.

Through these apps, you can create great public relations impressions and engaging creative content through your iPad. The web is always hungry for great content and these apps can help you ensure it is well presented, good looking and engaging.

Tim is a technology blogger who has also written books that are published as a hard copy version apart from Digital Format. He uses Century Publishing, well known book printers for his book printing project.
 Snap Publishing Made Easy with These iPad Apps


 Snap Publishing Made Easy with These iPad Apps

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