Taking Your Art to the Next Level

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If art is an important hobby for you and you have been doing it for a while, you may be looking for a way to take your hobby further. If you feel you are producing good art and have mastered every technique you have encountered so far, you could be left feeling as if you need new challenges and a way to try new things. After all, creativity thrives on new experiences.

There are several ways you can take your art hobby to the next level. This can help you expand your horizons, acquire new skills and create artworks that are very different from the ones you produce at the moment.

Try New Types of Art

 art 300x225 Taking Your Art to the Next Level

There are many different types of art, such as painting, drawing or sculpture. If you have taken up painting and feel you have reached a standstill, it could be time to try other forms of art. Drawing may seem similar to painting, but it requires different skills when it comes to shading and capturing detail, and produces very different results.

Sculpture, on the other hand, might seem completely different. However, it is still a creative process and if you enjoy painting you are likely to find you enjoy other art forms as well if you give them a try. Simply buy the materials, which can be easily done online through sites such as Jackson’s Art Supplies, and start learning new things.

Experiment with Different Styles

You could also try experimenting with different styles of art within your medium. Many different art styles and movements have been created and these carry massive potential for trying new things. 

For example, many people who are not professional or highly schooled artists have only mastered realist art styles. This kind of art focuses on creating realistic, literal representations of what you see before you. If this describes your art style and you are looking for new things, you may want to try something more abstract such as Pop art or cubism.

Sell Your Art

If you are serious about art and very confident about your abilities, it may be that the new challenge should come not from the way you create art but the way you use it. However, this approach is definitely not for novice artists.

It may be possible to sell your art in a number of ways. For example, you may want to try to sell it at auctions. Usually this will require starting with small, local auctions.

Another good way to sell your art is through local art shops. Many towns have a shop or even gallery which may be willing to sell the work of local artists. Of course, if a piece of art is sold, then the shop will take a percentage as commission in much the same way an auction house would.

If your work is ever featured in exhibitions, this could be an excellent way to sell your art. This is one of the most common channels for small-scale artists to sell their art, because even small exhibitions in town halls will often be happy for you to advertise that your work is for sale.



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