Television Programs and serials other means to watch them

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Television programmes may be either non-fictional like news, reality show, and documentary or fictional like drama or comedies. It may be based on topics like news on specific topic or short movies for televisions otherwise it can be stories based on historical stories or events or a life story of some celebrities or famous persons. These programs may be depicting some specific incident or may be educational or instructional or entertainment in case of game shows or reality shows.

Drama and Serials:

A drama can be either depending upon situation or place. The story may revolve within one place or a set of actors in a familiar setting. The program will follow their life and adventures. Many stories which evolved before 1980’s were static without stories. If some changes occurred in the characters during some episodes it was reverted by the end of the story. Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere were two of the first American drama television series. The length of the drama may vary from one month or few months or even years depending on the length of the story described.

Common television program may be broadcasted at specific time like news. Some programs may be seasonal and continue for a specific duration of few episodes to many seasons. This will be an extended film either with small number of episodes and timelines. Miniseries may be usually about three to ten hours long. In the United Kingdom miniseries is referred to programs that are imported and telecasted for a short span of time known as serials.

Show formats and timings:

Till recent times all the dramas and serials would start with a title showing opening credits and closing credits at the end of each show. In 1990’s some shows start with a title followed by commercial break. Many serials show some parts of previous episode and at the end may include scenes from upcoming episodes. Some shows omit the title and names being displayed daily or cut short the list of names displayed.

Most of the series that appear on certain networks are commissioned by their networks. The producers earn more revenue when the program is sold. With the rise of DVD home video formats there are several sets of DVD are sold either as a whole season or split up as several parts depending on the length of the serials. People tend to buy program as a whole set increasing the revenue. Many cartoons and several comedy shows were digitally reworked for U. S television since there are several DVD collections of TV programs that contain complete season. In addition to the show broadcasted DVD may contain an extended set or scenes in additional which were not shown in the original series of the broadcast.

There are several TV serials that are being re-telecasted due to the increased number of people watching it. Most of the serials generate revenue by means of advertisements. There are several serials whose story is adopted and converted to whole movie. Several stories are based on books and comics which increase the reach of programs since books would have been sold in good numbers reaching the public.

Television programs are also being rated like movies. There are several shows that are famous worldwide. Due to advancement in technology these programs are available online thus enabling the availability of shows anytime. Arrow is an Adventure based action story which is one of the famous TV shows. You can watch arrow TV show online through several sites which telecast the programs within hours of telecast or at the same time so that you can watch your favourite TV program without missing it.

You can watch arrow TV show and other shows instantly without missing any episodes. Arrow is a story based on adventure, crime and action.


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