The Controversial DUI Trap Aversion App

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Having one too many drinks and then getting on the road is bad for everyone – every driver on the road is at risk for getting into an accident and drunk drivers also face the possibility of getting a DUI. The days of the week and times of the year that are popular for drinkers (late Fridaynights, Thanksgiving Eve) are also popular times for cops to be out. Checkpoints set up on main roads and high-traffic bridges are common, making it nearly impossible for anybody who’s been drinking and driving to get away with it. The DUI Dodger app for iPhones lets drivers know where a checkpoint’s going to be so that it can be avoided. This app has sparked major controversy for law enforcement officials and drivers everywhere.

What is DUI Dodger?

DUI Dodger lets you view checkpoints on a map of your area, within a 50 mile radius of your current location. You can see where checkpoints are going to be before they’re set up, because the app collects information from law enforcement. It also lets users submit information if they come across a new checkpoint. Since DUI checkpoints change frequently, listings expire after 30 days; users can also flag a checkpoint as inaccurate. While most checkpoints are extremely precise, it’s possible that they can be off by one mile. The app was created by Geno Rose, a 30 year old high school teacher in Anaheim Hills, California. It became available in April of 2011 and can still be downloaded for $4.99, which includes a lifelong subscription.

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Four Perks of the App

1. People who aren’t drinking can avoid getting stuck in backed up traffic by taking an alternate route to their destination. This was actually the inspiration for the creation of the app – Rose was stuck in traffic for 40 minutes with a crying baby in the backseat.

2. Anyone who was considering drinking and driving may rethink their plan if they know there are going to be local DUI checkpoints. Plus, if there are going to be checkpoints, there are probably also going to be a lot of police cars out and about, too. Ideally, the app is intended to discourage people from getting on the road if they’ve been drinking.

3. The app has a built-in blood alcohol content calculator, which takes into account age, gender, weight, number and type of drinks consumed and duration of consumption. By seeing just how impaired they are, drivers will hopefully make the choice to call a cab.

4. DUI Dodger provides facts, laws and dangers related to drinking and driving, which will hopefully make people think twice about getting behind the wheel after they’ve thrown back a few.

The Controversy

The app has a game called “Walk the Line,” which allows users to test out their balance by walking in a line with their arms out to the side. The “player” gets a grade that tells them how stable they are. However, being able to walk in a straight line is such a basic test that it won’t accurately reflect a person’s sobriety all on its own. For example, people who are only slightly buzzed may still have a hard time keeping their balance; people who are too impaired to drive could have an easy time walking in a straight line. This isn’t a good barometer for how safe it is for a person to drive and passing the game doesn’t mean you’d also be able to pass a real DUI test.

Those who want the app pulled from the iTunes store feel that if drivers know where checkpoints are going to be, it makes it easier to drink, drive and get away with it. Ultimately, though, DUI Dodger does something that most people could do on their own, but won’t: collect data about the location of checkpoints. Rose gets most of his information from police department press releases, which a lot of people could easily access as well.

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