The essentials of CRM software selection

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The cornerstone for success of a customer relationship management initiative is investing in the best CRM software package. Failing to do this, it will be pretty difficult to gather and store customer information obtained after every interaction. Recent years have seen CRM systems for small businesses advancing in leap bounds and there are now many top-quality CRM packages to select from. However, searching for a CRM solution can be a hectic process, especially if you have no idea of where to start your search. To ensure that you choose only the best, there are some key features that any potentially good CRM package must have.

Basic CRM functions

Good CRM software must be able to manage information relating to companies and individuals as well. Such a software package should also provide features for time management. As most organizations now use systems such as Microsoft office and Outlook, it is essential that the new software integrates seamlessly with the existing software and systems.

Seamless connectivity

Recent times have seen most growing businesses increasingly making use of a network to access a centralized database in the organization. This means that any parties interested in the stored customer information can easily access it using PDAs and mobile phones. Due to this, a business owner must ensure that the CRM solution is able to support such connectivity and allows ease of data accessibility.

Data transfer

Data import is something that you must do unless your business is being started from scratch. As such, you should ensure that the CRM software makes it possible to directly import data from previous sources. Data export should also be facilitated by the software because you will need to exchange data both internally and externally.

Reputable software provider

There are so many providers of CRM products on the market with each claiming to offer the best products and services. However, when selecting your CRM solution, it is paramount that you undertake sound research. Ensure that you only buy a solution from a recognized and reputable software supplier. The company should be backed solidly with 24/7 customer support and other necessary support services. You can rely on customer testimonials and reviews to determine if the supplier is reputable to ensure that you get value for your money.

Campaign management

Marketing is vital for the success of any business and it is something that you can’t avoid. For a business to be able to optimize the money spent in the marketing campaigns, it should be possible to track them and measure the performance. As such, you will have to look for CRM software that offers this function. This will promote prudent use of financial resources, especially on certain activities such as marketing that are known to take a significant portion of both financial and personnel resources.

Leads management

leads 300x169 The essentials of CRM software selection

Managing leads is the only way to ensure that sales opportunities result in closed sales. For this reason, it is pretty important that you track leads by ensuring that you choose a package with lead tracking abilities.



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