Top 8 Cool Features Of Microsoft Office 2010 For Enhanced Working

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Microsoft has launched its Office 2013 recently; it has now covered a full circle from its earlier versions. The Office 2013 is basically a cloud-based service to collaborate effectively with the recent trends of document and working needs of people, especially in the businesses as well as for individuals. But not everyone has been adamant on working online for even their smallest of documenting needs. The offline feature offers more privacy and safety for personalized and inter-group working. And this where Microsoft is a step ahead from its competitors, as it can offer a great offline version of Office, as well as a cloud-based service in Office3 2013 or Office 365.

 Top 8 Cool Features Of Microsoft Office 2010 For Enhanced Working

The Office 2010 is one such advanced offline feature of Microsoft that offers users with some unique and great functionality that combines both, offline as well as cloud-based version of Office.

Get Microsoft Office 2010 update to make your documentation and presentation work more smoothly with these great features:

  1. Ribbon Tabs:

Ribbon tabs have completed a full circle since MS office 2003 and 2007. It has replaced the old menus and toolbars. The commands and buttons are organized in groups. The ribbon adjusts its appearance to fit the screen size and resolution, so some items contained in the ribbon tabs might not display. The user can click on the small arrow on the group button to see more commands for that group. Below each button and command group, each ribbon’s name is defined. Groups containing dialog box launchers shows the related commands.

  1. Screen Shot:

The Office 2010 version offers the user an option of getting screenshot and printing right away in your opened Office 2010 document. The user can go to the Insert tab and will find the Screenshot button in the centre-right hand side of the ribbon tab. This feature is present in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Excel.

  1. Cloud-Synchronization:

The Office 2010 offers you an option to save your office documents to the Cloud, by directly uploading documents to the user’s Windows Live SkyDrive account and can access them from any other computer, anytime.

SkyDrive provides 25 GB of free online storage and, since the service is integrated with Office. Web Apps, the user can view and edit these documents anywhere while online through a browser without requiring offline Office program. This functionality is also available for Mac users.

This feature is great for those who would love to have something similar to Office 365 or Office 2013, which offers them a way of working in cloud networking while being away from their office or workstation.

  1. Artistic Feature:

The Artistic Effects is a new feature in the Office 2010. It can be accessed from the Picture Tools contextual tab when the user adds an image to a file in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. The user can add a variety of effects, such as Light Screen and Paint Strokes to an image by using this feature.

  1. Accessibility Checker:

The Accessibility Checker tool in the Office 2010 is provided to help the user check overlooked accessibility features. This tool can be accessed by going to the File, then in the “Prepare for Sharing” tab, click on the “Check for Issues” then “Check Accessibility”. This tool can only be used with those documents which are converted to office 2010 mode. The results and tips for making repairs will show up on the right hand side of the page.

  1. Paste Preview Feature:

The “Paste Preview” option includes a selection of ways to paste the copied text, either with or without formatting. This feature gives the user an option to select the way of pasting the text before performing the paste task. When the user right clicks on the screen in the document to paste the text, a short-cut menu shows up with various Paste Option buttons for the task. And then when the user hovers over those options, a preview is shown of the paste format against each option. Click from these options to paste the text in the desired format accordingly. This feature can be found in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel after a piece of text is copied and is prepared to be pasted.

  1. Quick Steps:

Outlook had been criticized by many experts as being too old fashioned and too complicated. And with Gmail offering various features that included top-of-the-game functionalities, which typically wiped out the need of Outlook, the new resurgence of new-fangled Outlook in office 2010 can just be the impetus that Microsoft was looking for to get Office Outlook going again as the premium business E-mail client. One of the great features that it has introduced is Quick Steps. This feature includes the Send and Archive functionality (like one present in Gmail). The Quick Steps offers the user an option to create a sequence of commands, like “Send and Archive”, “Send and Delete”, and many more. These commands can be applied to any Outlook item with a single click.

  1. Themes and Pictures:

Office 2010 offers various new themes (around 25) and improved SmartArt graphics. The themes have been designed as part of Microsoft’s strategy for inclusion of new professional designs, along with numerous additional SmartArt graphics layouts. The user can insert these pictures and themes into the different layouts or can even convert pictures directly into SmartArt graphics, and each shape has a caption where the user can add descriptive text.

With so much in store to offer, the users should get Office 2010 update sooner than later, which will provide them with great enhancement and advanced feature for far better working quality.

 Top 8 Cool Features Of Microsoft Office 2010 For Enhanced Working


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