Understanding Job Growth: 2013 and Beyond

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People expecting to enter or reenter the job market in 2013 and beyond should look to career areas expected to experience growth in the coming years.

1. Experts see the field of accounting as being in demand for years to come. With the growth of new companies and the increasing complexity of IRS codes, accounting looks to be a growth area that can provide stable employment.

2. Computer science and software development is another field that can only grow; not only to computer and software companies need trained people, but as computers, and more especially, the internet, play a part in some aspect of almost every business today, smaller companies are hiring computer and network pros in their everyday needs.

business1 Understanding Job Growth: 2013 and Beyond

3. On a slightly more sophisticated level in the computer world, persons who specialize in maintaining computer networks, as well as computer security are areas of growth. Companies, as well as firms that deal exclusively in these areas are expected to increase hiring in the coming years.

4. Nursing and other healthcare positions are increasing geometrically as the majority of the population ages. Increasing opportunities are available in this field as new business opportunities are created by new interest from the public in areas like wellness. The United States Department of Labor projects that between now and 2020, the need for nurses will increase by over 25 percent.

5. Related to nursing, medical assistants are in demand. They assist doctors directly and indirectly, and are responsible for the vast amount of record keeping required these days by new government regulations. Dental hygienists fall into this category of growth as well.

6. Human resources, training and labor specialists is a hot field. As the government continues to regulate the welfare of workers and with complicated new mandates coming into place for healthcare plans, even smaller companies are hiring human resource personnel to make sure all of the regulations are followed.

7. Public relations specialists, and more precisely, persons who understand and can successfully implement social media policies, are in hot demand by companies of all sizes. Traditional advertising and public relations agencies are building departments that focus on social media. The field lends itself also to starting an individual practice that specializes in social media, and having a handful of clients that one represents. If you’re interested in mastering areas of the internet like Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Instagram and the like, a position in PR or social media might be a good choice for you.

8. By 2010, according to the US Department of Labor, it is expected that there will be a 30 percent growth in the need for personal financial advisors. As the predictability of the economy seems less reliable, more and more people will turn to personal financial advisors for advice on how to budget and plan for the normal events one expects in a lifetime, whether those events are planning for college for children, purchasing a home, or having a secure retirement.

9. Cost Estimator is a growing field.  A cost estimator can be employed in a wide variety of fields from construction to manufacturing.  If you’ve heard the phrase “lean process” chances are a cost estimator was involved in figuring out that process.  The key to success in business today is “doing more with less” and a cost estimator is necessary to figure out that process.

These are just some of the fields that are expected to grow over the next five to ten years, and for job and career opportunities to be somewhat plentiful. To prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, it is always a good idea to pursue a degree in enterprise resource management.

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